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Satraka Antennas

Satraka antennas have the following advantages over the mechanical and electronic beam-tracking antennas currently on the market:

  • Highest possible antenna performance including high efficiency, high gain and wide frequency bandwidth, achieved by reflector type antennas in tandem with horn type feeds

  • Constant antenna beam regardless of tracking angles with no degradation on antenna performance

  • Simplified beam-tracking mechanism

  • One antenna solution for seamless beam tracking rather than two, from either mechanical or electronic beam steering technology

  • Wide beam-tracking range, up to +/-80°

  • Modular approach design, where the reflector surface is built on multiple and identical panels - savings on tooling, manufacturing, packaging, handling and logistics management

  • High portability and scalability

  • Feasible and optional for extra fixed beam(s) to GEO satellites

  • Static reflector, leading to simplified backing-support structure for wind-loading



More designs are available upon request

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