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What We Do

TechApp Consultants Ltd offers technical consultation and product development in Microwave Engineering, Radio Frequency Propagation and Antenna Engineering for telecommunication systems in terrestrial, aerospace and satellite markets (both space and ground segments).


The key personnel at TechApp Consultants have been working in the telecom and space industry for over 20 years. They have designed and developed hundreds of antennas and microwave components, such as helical antennas, log-periodic dipole array, patch/slot antennas, feed horns, reflector antennas, filters, diplexers/duplexers, polarizers, T-junctions, adaptors and orthogonal mode transducers (OMT), with frequencies ranging from VHF all the way to Q/V bands.


Alongside product development, TechApp Consultants offer technical support on issues related to EMI, EMC, PIM, multipaction and the interaction of antennas with spacecraft platforms and other payload instruments and telecom systems. TechApp Consultants also offer consultation services to customers on the integration and application of antenna/antenna-related products within their systems or platforms.


As an agile and experienced company, TechApp Consultants can provide customers with bespoke and cost-effective solutions, to achieve the best performance and competency technically and commercially.

Examples of products and designs completed in recent years

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